Spring Is Here!

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To say this year has been something no one could’ve imagined is an understatement, and it’s only April! The only blessing with being stuck at home is that I get to work on the farm a lot more. All but one bed from last year has been turned over, four have been fully planted, one partially, and the greenhouse is full of trays with seedlings that’ll go out before I know it. I’ve also been building a new chicken coop for a few new members to the two chickens I’ve had for a couple years now. And there’s still so much more to do! I have plans for quite a few more beds, and I’ve slowly been chipping away at converting the garage into a work space/classroom which is something I’d really like to have done by the end of the year. I missed not getting to teach this year and interacting with everyone that comes out. I will however be doing a video of the class on YouTube at some point, where you can already find a couple classes from previous years.

If anyone has been to the market and wondered where I was, well I’ve been fine, I’m not sick or anything, but with everything going on it’s been a bit slower than usual so I’ve just been playing it by ear. I will keep everyone updated via Facebook when I’ll be at the market, but if you’d rather not venture out I would be happy to deliver to you. I’m getting the shop setup again on here for starters, but you are welcome to shoot me an Email, a Facebook Message or even a Text Message (574.286.5393) with what you’d like and I can send you an invoice via Square to pay, then I can just drop off with no contact needed. I will be putting up a list of currently available items here that will constantly be updated.

The strawberry bed from last year was a bit of a mess with a bunch of runners going out into the walkway, so I cleaned it up and transplanted everything. There’s now 119 strawberry plants along my fence bed. I also interplanted it with asparagus that’s starting to come up now, as well as onions and garlic around the border. Beside the front porch the flowers are coming out, and the rhubarb is looking really nice. There’s also a few strawberry plants in there as well, and I have so many potatoes that I’ll probably plant a few of those in there too.

Not much else to report at the moment, but I will be posting a lot more so stay tuned!


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