First Seed Order Of 2020

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Getting seed catalogs every winter is how I cope with the downtime from not being able to work outside like I can from spring through fall. My first order this year was from MiGardener, I’ve been ordering from Luke for three years now. He’s someone I’ve been following on YouTube for quite some time, and when I found out he was opening a store in my family’s hometown of Port Huron, MI I couldn’t wait to support him. His passion for helping people grow food with low costs is something I too teach and talk about. Almost all of MiGardener’s seeds are only 99 cents a pack and I’ve had great luck with their germination. So here’s what I got this year;

So there’s the list from my first order, some of these will end up at the market, others, well. They’ll wind up in my collection, I sometimes treat seeds like sports cards, got it, got it, need it, got it. Either way they will get used at some point.

Is there something that interests you? Or a favorite on this list? I’m sure there will be more lists this year.


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  1. Rashelle
    April 27, 2020 at 12:47 am

    I also ordered the Chernobyl tomatoes from MI gardener and am super excited to try them! I look forward to all updates about this tomato as I have not had any luck finding info about them past what is on his website and the MI gardener website. Good luck! I wish you a bountiful harvest!

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