About UsMichael

What We Do?

Our mission is to educate people about the potential of small scale, sustainable farming, while growing produce for local farmers markets.

Our farm is a quarter-acre in size and approximately a tenth-acre was farmed last year (2015). We’re situated in the heart of River Park on a historic lot that dates back to 1890. The property next to us was the first grocery store in River Park. We are excited to revive a part of the historic business district of River Park by offering fresh, organic produce to the Michiana Area.

We take pride in growing organically, using no fungicides, herbicides or pesticides and using only non-gmo seed. We practice square foot gardening techniques to make the best use of our space. This year we’ve grown 528 pounds of produce, most of which we’ve sold to our community at market. Next year, we will increase our growing capacity with two greenhouses, multiple raised beds, trellises, and vertical gardening. We live by the motto: “Food, not grass!”

Some Benefits Of Urban Farming

1. Far Less Food Miles

The average to get food from source to table is 1500 miles. In most states, local food can travel as far as 400 miles. Our produce travels 5.2 miles from our farm to the market and then to your table.

2. Reduced Food Waste

A 2012 EPA study revealed that 28% of municipal waste was from food and yard clippings, both of which make valuable compost for soil amendment. At least 90% of our food waste and 100% of our yard clippings are composted on site.

3. Healthier Cities

Urban farms make cities healthier by improving the environmental quality via reducing air pollution. We’ve planted seven fruit trees, a bamboo tree and have plans for more. Trees naturally absorb CO2 and other pollutants, then store the carbon and emit pure oxygen.

4. Food, Not Grass

Why grow useless grass on your yard? Grow food instead. A lot of vegetable plants produce beautiful foliage that will rival your neighbors expensive landscaping. Even the smallest plot can provide fresh food with minimal effort.

Plans For 2016

Farm Tours

In our efforts to educate people on urban agriculture, we’d love to have some farm tours during the peak season of production. This would show the true potential of urban farms.

On Site Classes

We have plans to teach classes on growing, cooking and preserving your food.

  • Square Foot Gardening 101
  • Composting 101
  • Keeping Urban Chickens
  • Cooking With Your Harvest
  • Fermenting For Beginners
  • Freezing Your Bountiful Produce

Volunteers & Interns

We are currently looking for volunteers who would be interested in helping out in all aspects of our urban farm. We are searching for an intern who’d be more permanent and have more responsibilities in return for the knowledge we’d provide, along with seeds and space for growing their own food.

If interested send us an email to: southbendhomestead@gmail.com or send a text to: (574) 386-6066